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In Warranty Compressor ReplacementDots

The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning system.  It’s also the single most expensive part within the unit.  Equipment manufacturers recognize this and provide limited warranty protection for the consumer to help with the unexpected expense of a replacement within the first five or ten years depending on make and model.  The installing dealer sets his own policy for length of time he will warranty other expenses related to the replacement should one occur.  Always be sure to ask about labor and associated materials warranty before purchasing a new unit.

When a compressor fails the following procedures are required for proper replacement and to insure against a second failure.

  1. Order and pick up replacement compressor from distributor.
  2. Reclaim contaminated refrigerant as per EPA regulations.
  3. Remove all panels, wiring, motors and controls to expose compressor.
  4. Remove defective compressor, and install new.
  5. Reconnect refrigerant lines with silver solder brazing.
  6. Install new liquid line drier and suction line filter (if acid burn out occurred).
  7. Vacuum system of air and non condensable to 500 microns.
  8. Recharge system with new virgin refrigerant.
  9. Reinstall all panels, wiring, motors and controls.
  10. Completely check out system for failure causes (*compressors fail for a reason, which must be rectified to avoid a repeat).
  11. Return failed compressor to the distributor with properly filled out warranty paper work.
  12. Return contaminated refrigerant to distributor as per EPA regulations.
  13. Return to job site within 2-7 days to check for pressure drop, and or remove the suction line clean up filter.  (Additional 2-4 hour procedure)

Other than the actual compressor itself, none of the materials, procedures or time mentioned above is reimbursable to the dealer from the manufacturer.  Therefore, the cost must be passed on to the customer.  The best insurance against compressor failure is to correct all contributing factors and have your system professionally serviced at least once a year and make sure you replace your filter frequently.